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Here you can see your fellow managers in Tims Fantasy Football League.

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Tim Dunn  Teresa Dunn  Michael Budd  Peter Black  Kate Mergen  Dave Sears 

Mike West  Mike Bowler  Chris Holmes  Dave Webber  Andy Darby  Keith Wing 

Paul Jackson  Jeremy Baker  Andy Sosnowski  Mark Gay  Roger Leese  Sam Elliott 

Dennis the Referee  Tony McCormack  Nathan Dickinson  Pete Gillbanks  James Winwood 


Tim Dunn, manager of Tims Terriers and of course the Lord and Master of Tims Fantasy Football. No prizes for guessing where this picture was taken as Tim proudly displays his Bristol City shirt.

After winning the inaugural league title in 1994 Tim scored little success in the league until 2009 when he won the League and Cup Double. The League was originally set up to monitor the progress of Sporting Warndon, managed by Tim, Pete Black and Dave Sears. Tim and Pete continue to oversee the selection of the Warndon Team.


Teresa Dunn, manager of various franchises, the lastest called And There Off. Again, this picture was taken at some obscure world location. Teresa has had little success in the Fantasy Football to date, but is normally happy with a top half of the table position.


Michael Budd, The 2007 and 2010 Fantasy League Winner. I'm suprised he had the strength to lift that massive Trophy!


Pete Black, Manager of Black Flash and part time Chairman of Sporting Warndon. Pete was a founder member of the League and now lives in Spain, which is why he is pictured here in a Villarreal shirt. For added value he tells us this picture was taken in Tierra deL Fuego, Chile, but it could be next to his garden shed for all we know!

Pete has employed many strategies without success, including choosing all his players starting with the letter B, then he tried F. He also also tried just picking Arsenal players, but at the end of the day Pete claims to know absolutely nothing about footy, which his scores seem to confirm....... However, Pete disproved all of the above by picking a team of all Spanish players under his other name of Don Pedro to win our 2008 European Championship Trophy and followed it up by winning our World Cup in 2010. The same strategy of course failed him in 2014.


Kate Mergen, manager of the now defunct Broken Back Mountain. Kate, or Katy as she used to be known, moved to Bragg Creek, Canada, and is pictured here at Emerald Lake with a suitably Mountainous background. Kate is our second most successful manager having won the league three times.

It is with great Sadness that I discovered that Kate passed away in April 2015.

Kate will always be remembered as a Fantasy Champion.


Dave Sears is a lifelong Wolves supporter who like the club has seen better days. Mention the subject of football (or indeed any other subject) and he will tell you all about how Wolves ruled the world with the likes of Wright, Flowers and Slater (whoever they were) forming the heart of both the Black Country team and a ‘very successful’ England squad. Dave sure does have a long memory but then this is a key requirement of a Wolverhampton Wanderers supporter.

For those interested in photography the picture was taken with a cheap camera and shows Dave on his veranda at his home in Eckington, notice the impressive if rather wild garden with ‘Bredon Hill’ and ‘The Cotswolds’ in the distance. (Dave does has a little to learn about photography, like getting some light on the person your capturing - Nice background though)


Mike West, the manager of Tired and Weary, joined our Fantasy League in 1999 and won the league at his first attempt which was a sign of things to come. Mike has gone on to became our most successful manager to date with five Championships and four FA Cup Wins.

Of course the satisfied smile hides a sad fact that Mike has been a Birmingham City fan all of his life. Used to more downs than ups this has prepared Mike well for the rigours of every day life. Mike has also encouraged (forced) his two sons to follow in his footsteps and prepare them too for the disappointments that will surely come!

Mike is pictured here in Madeira on the first leg of Blues European tour a few years ago.


Mike Bowler, the manager of AFC Pantonhead. Seen here not celebrating a rare win by Derby County but winning a Team CSC Road bike through a company competition. (We suspect that Mike was the only person to enter the competition!) After all, how many cycling enthusiasts do you know? - the previous comments were of course written a few years ago before everyone else joined him on the Cycling Bandwagon!

AFC Pantonhead have not exactly set the world alight in their time in the Fantasy League, but they have been consistent upper mid table performers.


Chris Holmes, Manager of Kempsey Wanderers. After early set backs when most his Fantasy team were arrested for potential Match Fixing (Remember that?), Chris recovered to win a couple of FA Cups and a League Title.


Dave Webber, Manager of Trigger_Happy_Bunnies. We're not too sure what Dave has against Rabbits, but with a head shaped like this he doesn't appear to be in a position to criticise.

Dave has been a star of Hospital Radio in Worcester for many years, and certainly at one time ran his own Fantasy Football Show, so we were expecting great things of him in our competition and we were not disappointed as he romped home to win two league titles in his first two years.


Andy Darby, Manager of The Mean Machine. Andy is another manager who managed to win the league in his first season of competition in 1998, but unfortunately its the one season for which we have lost the final league table so we can't see how easily he won. Andy has been searching for that winning combination ever since without finding the magic formula. He is pictured here in training for a Charity Sponsored bike ride. I think he ought to be wearing a Villa shirt (but at least its not a CSC one!)


Keith Wing, Manager of Plague of Lighthouse Keepers, a team name that must be a bewilderment to most (including me). Keith is seen here running another exhausting training session for the Lighthouse men. As a Tottenham fan, he is still awaiting a return of those Glory, Glory days of 1961. I remember my Grandfather telling me about them!


Paul Jackson, Manager of Borussia_Munchonflapjack. Seen here driving his supercar as any table topping manager does. At least he was top of the table when this picture was submitted, in the 4th week of his first season in the league. Unfortunately it all went downhill from there!

We are all impressed by his carefully chosen team name though, even if all those flapjacks may present a challenge to this mode of transport.

Paul has supported Aston Villa since he was 5 (When he didn't know better) though they won the First Division in the month he was born and the European Cup the year after. His dad tried to sway him towards his love of Swindon Town FC but Paul chose 'wisely'. Paul is a press photographer and is quite a decent footballer (FIFA on Xbox 360)


Jeremy Baker, Manager of Bourbon_Biscuits, although the franchise has had many names.

This is him in Perthshire with son Isaac (again we'll leave it up to the viewer to decide which is which). He also has a daughter Rosie, and his wife is Liz, both of whom wisely stay out of Cornet distance. Jeremy closely follows the lamentable performances of the Owls (Sheffield Wednesday for those less educated).

The insert photo represents the hairdryer treatment which is not helping his team at the mo', although on past performamce Jezza has not yet found a Management style that does help his team.


Andy Sosnowski, Manager of the Dodgey Dozen.

Andy is pictured here with Tim at the Bescott Stadium after the epic encounter between Walsall FC and Bristol City in 2014 (City won 1-0).

Andy is a Walsall supporter despite never having lived anywhere near the midlands. He decided at a young age he would support Walsall as it sounds vaguely Polish and he has a Polish name. A Brilliant way to chose your team I think, and he has stayed loyal ever since.

After winning the Best New Team Trophy in his first season Andy has maintained a steady, if unspectacular, presence in the Fantasy League.


Mark Gay (known as G-Man), Manager of And_In_Last_Place.

Mark is pictured here overlooking a gurt big cliff in Cedar Breaks National Monument, Utah.

Mark is an old school friend of Tims, so being a Bristolian explains the use of the word 'Gurt' in the previous sentence.

Mark was known as the fastest boy in the school over 100m, Tim was no slouch, but couldn't catch G-Man. Today Mark satifies his thirst for speed using a motorbike.

Perhaps next time Tim is in Bristol they should try another 100m dash, but the stopwatch had better work in hours!


Roger Leese, Manager of Clockwino_Stumblers.

One for the Wine Buffs

Taken outside an Eger Wine Cellar,Hungary, where the Bulls Blood comes from.

Roger is a Baggies fan, hence the selection of his team colours for the Stumblers.

As this is written the Stumblers are in second place after three weeks of their first season in the league. Time will tell as to whether they can continue the season in that form.


Pete Gillbanks.

Another old School Pal of Tims, it took some years to track Pete down.

After some major coercing Pete has been persuaded to enter the Fantasy Fray, while expressing no interest in Football - so stand back to be thrashed by him!

Petes main interests are Railways and Motorbikes, so he has that in common with a few other Managers.

It appears from this picture that Petes team should be called the Wick Vikings,not Brockwell Park Rangers.


Gemma Oliver, Manager of Pinksters.

This photo was taken in Jamaica, note the glorious blue colour of the sea and the sun setting spectacularly on the horizon!

Gemma is a Liverpool Supporter, but was disappointed that Pink was not an option when selecting shirt colours for the Pinksters so chose the Gold and Black of the Wolves instead.

Her first season in the league has so far been a struggle. Maybe Pinksters will turn out to be a Cup Team rather than League Leaders!


Sam Elliott, Manager of FC_Internacional_Beaconhill

Sam is another manager who won Tims Fantasy Football League at his first attempt, and therefore claimed the Best New Team award at the same time. Sam is seen here with his two trophies, as the Party Poppers sound, at the Fantasy BBQ in 2015.

Sam is a Liverpool Supporter and is the second youngest winner of Tims Fantasy Football League.





Dennis the Referee, Manager of Sporting Warndon

Sporting Warndon tried a series of Cats and Dogs as managers, and even tried the Late Brian Clough, but have finally decided on Dennis the Referee to manage the team.

Dennis was first seen for the 1998 World Cup, and has got quite puffed up about every International Tournament ever since.

Dennis is seen here outside the Brandenburg Gate when he completed a tour of Germany during the 2014 World Cup Tournament.





Tony McCormack, Manager of Wot! No Team?

Tony is another of our contingent of Villa fans, although he had the good sense to emigrate to Canada 10 years ago to avoid the worst of the pain of watching them.

Tony is seen here in a photo entitled "Tony Referee", so I'm guessing the packed terrace behind him are the masses of fans that come to watch him officiate each week.


Nathan Dickinson, Manager of Nathans Numpties

Nathan is the Youngest Winner of Tims Fantasy Football.

He is 9 years old in this photo and supports Spurs and plays Rugby for Swindon Supermarine U9s. He also plays Cricket for Swindon U11s and Wiltshire North District.


James Winwood, Manager of Blue Stoat FC

Here is a rather Saintly photo of James, known to old friends as Winnie.

Tim and Winnie met via Boys' Brigade where James was a member of the Drum and Bugle Band that Tim used to run.

When they were both much younger and fitter Tim and Winnie also enjoyed many BB Camping Weekends as well as Mountain Walking.

For some unknown reason James is an Everton fan.